Saturday, 7 December 2013

Benny and the First Big Gamble

I had produced the letter to Dudley and on entering the building the next evening I became suddenly aware that perhaps I had taken too many liberties.
It was 10.50 pm when I approached the formica tables where the boys sat drinking soft drinks from bottles or cheap machine coffee in disposable plastic cups.
 I saw Dudley and sat down next to him tapping the table to get his attention and then nodding. He did look a little apprehensive, as if something had changed between us, and to be honest, I wasn't sure if he was furious, he might explode any moment - so I turned my attentions to Benny, who sat gripping his phone.
 Benny was the man who usually stood on the other side of me from Dudley and was another lucky break in terms of my immediate surroundings. Benny spoke to me for about five minutes every hour of so and the rest of the time we'd pretty much continue working in silence, which suited me fine and kept the conversations interesting and glib enough to feel no pressure to say something astounding. Benny seemed seasoned to the factory conditions although only being a new start himself. He seemed to say the right things - ask the right questions... confidently, unassumingly.
 Benny Vegas to his close friends...

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